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  • Ford Ranger T6 Central Locking Tailgate Kit

Ford Ranger T6 Tailgate Lock - Eagle1 Power Lock Central Locking

£102.00 (inc VAT) £85.00 (exc VAT)
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Product Description

Ford Ranger T6 2012 Onwards Double Cab and Extra Cab Eagle1 Tailgate Power Lock – Central Locking kit for your tailgate.


*Fits all 2012 Onwards models fitted with the factory key lock system.


Lock your tailgate from your existing vehicle key fob with the Eagle1 Power Lock, this unique design secures your tailgate giving you maximum protection.


The tailgate does not lock as standard on the central locking, this can create problems when used in conjunction with accessories like armadillo roller shutters, hard and soft folding tonneau covers. You may think your valuables are safe but actually all a thief needs to do is open your tailgate.


If you carry anything in your pickup bed which is valuable the Eagle1 Power Lock is a must have accessory.


  • Automatically locks the tailgate when power doors are locked using key fob
  • Hidden mounting inside tailgate
  • Easy to follow fitting instructions – fits in less than 1 hour
  • Minimal drilling is required 3 small holes which will no be seen.

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Ford Ranger T6 Eagle 1 Tailogate Lock - Power Lock

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  1. Secure your cargo

    Posted by darko on 30th Mar 2015

    Did wire it wrong and it only worked as locking, had to unlock manually after correct wiring everything works. approximately 1.5 hour job for a regular user when fitting for the first time - professional would do it in around 20 - 30 min.

  2. A must for any Ford Ranger

    Posted by Paul on 28th Feb 2015

    Great product... A must for me to ensure the truck is secure. I have a Mountain Top lid which i keep locked. With the automatic tailgate I now have a secure load area. The job was easy. I ran the link wire inside the right hand chassis leg rather than clipping it to the outside. A good job that you wouldn't know wasn't standard fit......

  3. tailgate locking

    Posted by willem krinkels on 7th Feb 2015

    I had a little problem with my wiring connecting ,it didn't work as discribed in the manual.
    The manual explained 13b Black to Brown with green, only it won't work .... In my case I had to connect Black to purple with green trace.
    That was my only problem.
    Now it works good,I m very happy with it.

  4. Tailgate central locking

    Posted by Stuart on 1st Dec 2014

    This was ordered along with alpha type e canopy after I asked Martin what other people ordered with it. This is an easy fit for anyone with a half decent socket set and a diy skills. Only thing I would say is for belt and braces install, spilce and solder the joints instead of using scotch locks (as supplied). This has been fitted a few months now and seems robust enough to last the lifetime of the truck. Very useful, don't know why Ford think its not something people would expect fitted as standard on a £25+ pick up.

  5. Another good product at a decent price, well done EAGLE 4X4

    Posted by Ian on 22nd Aug 2014

    Central locking on the tailgate should be a standard fit on any Ranger with a roll top or box. Come on Ford why don't you do this? Good job EAGLE 4X4 can fill the gaps in the spec sheet. It's only been on the truck a couple of weeks, but so far no issues. I haven't forgotten to lock the tailgate once :)

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