Ford Ranger 2012 + SPIDER Roll Bar

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Ford Ranger 2012-2022 + SPIDER Roll Bar with work lights

*Fits Ford Ranger 2012-2022 +  Double Cabs, Super Cabs and Single Cabs


The SPIDER roll bar is a fantastic roll bar upgrade to your vehicle, giving it a rugged, aggressive look while adding tons of functionality


Find you’re out at night and need extra light for work or leisure activities? This black well built SPIDER roll bar boasts 2 bright beam lights as well as additional spotlight mounts and a high level 3rd brake light! 


Manufactured using ST37 Grade 3mm Steel. Carefully prepared, sandblasted and primed ready for a 2-stage electrostatic painting, the bond between the paint and the steel ensures the paint will hold up. This gives you a much longer lasting finish than standard powder coating.


With a stylish, unique look this roll bar is sure to turn heads and take your truck to the next level.


  • 3rd Brake light
  • Black widow colorway 
  • Unique, honeycomb design for added strength
  • 2 bright beam working lights
  • Additional spotlight mounts for the ultimate drivers


Release the beast within your vehicle and unlock its full potential with the new to market SPIDER roll bar!


Installation requires drilling.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 10000 g

Ford Ranger (T8) DOUBLE Cab 2019 Onwards


Ford Ranger (T8) SUPER Cab 2019 Onwards


Ford Ranger (T8) SINGLE Cab 2019 Onwards


Ford Ranger (T7) DOUBLE Cab 2016-2019


Ford Ranger (T7) SUPER Cab 2016-2019


Ford Ranger (T7) SINGLE Cab 2016-2019


Ford Ranger T6 DOUBLE Cab 2012-2016


Ford Ranger T6 SUPER Cab 2012-2016


Ford Ranger T6 SINGLE CAB 2012-2016

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