Nissan Navara NP300 Eagle1 Auto Folding Mirror Module and Window Module Combo

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Nissan Navara NP300 Eagle1 Auto Folding Mirror Module and Window Module Combo

*Fits Nissan Navara NP300 2015+ Double and King Cab models


Have full control of your windows and mirrors with your existing key fob. Provides you with visual identification that your pickup is locked.


  • Fully Plug N Play – No Need to Cut Wires
  • Easy Way to Protect Mirrors
  • Operate Your Pickup from the Key Fob
  • Harness Fits Directly into Control Plugs
  • Auto Window Close When Vehicle Locked
  • Remote Window Opening
  • One-Touch Window Controls


Auto Fold Mirror function

The kit will fold you mirrors in when you lock the car and unfold them when you unlock the car, this is a really handy feature used by a lot of customer as a reminder if the car is locked or unlocked. The system will also work with models with the keyless entry function


Multi Function Window Features

The multi window functions of the kit is a clever system that will auto close your windows if left open when you lock the vehicle, you can also open the windows from your key fob fully or just open them a little for ventilation.

Full feature list and how they operate:


  • Close windows automatically (Closes all windows when locking the vehicle)

After stopping the vehicle you can remove the key and exit the vehicles and Press the LOCK KEY (or the keyless entry lock button) once and if any windows are left open they will all close one window at a time


  • Open Window from key fob (opens all windows fully)

Press on the Key fob: UNLOCK-LOCK-UNLOCK

This this will then open all the windows automatically, a great feature to use on Hot days to help cool the car down before getting into the vehicle


  • Halfway Pause

When you are opening or closing the windows you can press the UNLOCK button and the window will pause

  • Ventilation Setting

Press on the key Fob – LOCK – UNLOCK – LOCK (within 4 seconds)

This feature will open all windows 3-5cm


  • Override the Auto Close function (function 1) Leave windows in position

When you exit the car and the windows are still open and you want them to stay open rather than them automatically closing then Press first – UNLOCK – LOCK  (Within 2 seconds). This will lock the car but leave your windows to the open position they were in when you left the vehicle


  • One touch open and close function

The module will allow you operate all four windows using the one touch mode (drivers window control only)


The new Auto fold mirror and window module kit is a great upgrade for your Nissan Navara this is one of our Favourite upgrade for the Navara


Order your NEW NP300 Auto Folding Mirror Kit with Window Module to upgrade the efficiency and ease of your Navara.


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Additional information

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Nissan Navara (NP300) DOUBLE Cab 2015-


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