Nissan Navara NP300 OBD Speed Lock Module – Eagle1

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Nissan Navara NP300 Eagle1 OBD Speed lock Module

*fits 2016-2021 Nissan Navara NP300


Eagle1 OBD speed lock for the Nissan Navara NP300 is a clever plug in module that will automatically lock the vehicles doors, There are 2 settings available


Setting 1 – Doors will lock automatically when you select Drive

Setting 2 – Doors will auto lock when you reach 10 MPH


The Speed lock module is simple to install and plugs into the OBD port in the vehicle,


To change the settings is really simple


  • Make sure the engine and ignition are OFF
  • Pull Out the Module and plug in back in
  • Make sure all doors are closed
  • Start the vehicle
  • Wait 5 Seconds Press lock 6 Times (LOCK-LOCK-LOCK-LOCK-LOCK-LOCK) within 6 seconds
  • When the Light flashes once means the vehicle will lock when you select DRIVE
  • When the Light flashes Twice means Door will lock at 10MPH

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 200 g

Nissan Navara (NP300) DOUBLE Cab 2015-


Nissan Navara (NP300) KING Cab 2015-

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