Nissan Navara NP300 ProRoll V2 – Roll Top Cover

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Nissan Navara NP300 ProRoll V2 – Roll Top Cover

*fits 2016-2021 Nissan Navara Double Cab pickups

*Will Not fit with Ladder rack

*Can be fitted with OE Roll Bar – Additional kit required

*Can be fitted with Eagle4x4 Hawk Roll bars – No extra kit required


Our All new improved ProRoll V2 roller shutters are perfect for your ford ranger. Our strong aluminium slats interlock for great security, cannot be cut with a knife like many other models,


New Improved features for keeping rain out of your truck bed, Added Rubber flap at the front of the truck, rubber seal on tailgate and foam seal on the side rails gives great waterproofing (not 100%).


The Flat Side Rails of the new ProRoll V2 Roller Shutter is ideal to make your pickup unique, whilst making it easier fit with roll bars. This Roller Shutter can be fitted with our HAWK Roll Bars which come in black, black powder, and stainless steel finishes.


The Flat side rails also make it very easy to add our ProRoll Cross bars making it easier to load mounting bikes or roof box ontop of the roller shutter

  • Flat Side Rails
  • Optional ProRoll Cross Bars
  • Provides Security – Sturdy Lockable System
  • Fits HAWK Roll Bars
  • Aerodynamic Design Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Weatherproof – Drainage Fittings
  • Made from Tough Aluminium – Extends Product Life
  • Tailored to the Ford Ranger
  • Black Finish
  • Multi Locking Points
  • Interlocking aluminium slats for great security

The spring retracting mechanism can be easily adjusted to make the cover retract faster or slower, the clever pull handle is easily accessible and secure, and the integrated pull-strap makes opening and closing the cover extremely easy


Our new ProRoll V2 Roll Top Cover is a great edition to any pickup truck.

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Additional information

Weight 50000 g

Nissan Navara (NP300) DOUBLE Cab 2015-

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