Pick Up Hard Top Canopy Seal

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5mtrs Hard Top Canopy Seal


Ultimate Hard Top Seal, that is the best on the market to keep your vehicle as dry as it can be.

Upgrade your standard seal to this double barrier seal now to protect it from unwanted fumes, dust, dirt and water coming into your truck.

With it having such a high compression rate it also blocks out unwanted rattling from your vehicle.

Easy installation and trimming makes you question why wouldn’t you want this seal?


  • Tired of your truck paint scratching? Is unwanted water, dust, and fumes getting into your truck? Hearing rattling noises from the rear of your truck? This canopy seal is the answer.
  • Use for mounting hardtops / canopies.
  • High quality material that you do not have to replace every time your hardtop is removed.
  • Comes as a complete kit with butyl tape for easy installation.
  • Great compression that absorbs the vibration from your hard top to ease unwanted noises
  • Enough to re seal a double cab truck
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy trimming
  • Maximum life service


Help protect your vehicles paint work by purchasing this seal today!!

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Additional information

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