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Renault Alaskan Double Cab 2018 Onwards Hardtop Aeroklas Leisure




This Aeroklas hardtop is tailored to the Renault Alaskan. It’s light, durable, 100% waterproof and very strong. This hardtop is incredibly valuable for protecting your pickup bed from thieves because of its advanced locking system, or even from the weather as it is rust-free during its lifetime.


Aeroklas are the exclusive manufacturers of ABS technology which enables this hardtop to be 100% recyclable, easy to clean, strong, lightweight and able to reshape after impact.


    • Durable ABC Impact Resistance


    • Rust-Free


    • Non-Drill G Clamps


    • Central Locking System


    • Recyclable


    • Colour Coded


    • Rear Heated Window


    • LED Rear Brake Light



This hardtop is of outstanding quality – it’s a must have for every Alaskan owner.



Additional information

Additional information


Black-9291, Blue-5890, Brown-1288, Orange-6580, Primer, Red-3142, Silver-9988, TwilightGrey-7259, White-9139


Renault Alaskan DOUBLE Cab 2018-


Renault Alaskan DOUBLE Cab 2018-

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