Toyota Hilux Bak Flip Hard Folding Tonneau Cover 2005-2015

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Toyota Hilux Double Cab Bak Flip Hard Folding Tonneau Covers. fits 2005-2010 and 2010 Onwards double cab Hilux pick up trucks.


Will fit all Hilux double cab models including Invinsible, HL2 and HL3


If you want a tonneau cover that does it all then look no further the Bak Flip. It is packed full of features and benefits, it has all the strength of an aluminium cover with the functionality of a roll top cover but the price is a fraction of either of these products, have the best of all worlds with the bak flip tonneau cover, its strong, sleek, weatherproof and very functional giving you 100% bed access without having to remove the cover and to top it off its easy to install with its simple clamp on system.


*for videos of the bak flip hard folding tonneau cover please scroll down below and click on the product videos tab.


The bak flip hard folding cover has a flush fitting sleek design. Every panel has automatic locking latches, simply fold the cover down and each panel securely locks into position onto the side rails, to open the panel you simply pull the release cord on the underside of the panel, this release cord is accessible from either side of the cover.


The Bak Flip’s unique design allows you to have the cover in the shut / locked position to keep your bed area covered and secure, simply lock your pickup tailgate and your goods are secure, (if your vehicle doesn’t have a locking tailgate don’t worry as we can supply you’re a Eagle1 Power Lock Central locking tailgate system to secure your tailgate).


The best feature of this cover is that it offers 100% access to your bed area without having to remove the cover, simply fold the cover into the fully open position against the cab using the locking arms to secure in position and you can drive at motorway speed with the cover fully open.


  • Cover is weatherproof (not 100% Watertight)
  • Strong and Secure
  • 200-400 lbs evenly distributed weight (depending on model)
  • Integrated 4 point drainage system on side rails (2 located at the front end and 2 located at the rear end)
  • Easy non drill installation
  • 100% access to your bed in the fully open position
  • Free Delivery


The Bak Flip is available in 5 different models all the covers work in the same way with the same functionality. The main differences are the way they are assembled and what raw materials are used. See the comparison table below and select the cover you require from above.


Bak Flip Features Bak Flip G2 Bak Flip HD Bak Flip Fibremax Bak Flip F1 Bak Flip VP
  Standard Premium Standard Premium Standard
Panel Exterior Aluminium  Aluminium FRP – Fiberglass FRP – Fiberglass Vinyl
Panel Core EPS – 2lbs EPS -3.5Lbs EPS – 2lbs EPS -3.5Lbs EPS – 2lbs
Underside Aluminium Aluminium  Aluminium  Aluminium  Aluminium 
Panel Frames Finish Paint  Powder Coat  Paint Powder Coat Frameless
Finish Painted  Powder Coat  Fiberglass hair cell  Fiberglass hair cell Vinyl
Thickness 1/2 Inch 5/8 Inch   1/2 Inch 5/8 Inch  5/8 Inch 
Exterior Skin Thickness 50mm 75mm  60mm  80mm  100mm 
Side Seals EPDM  EPDM  EPDM  Hi Polymer EPDM  EPDM 
Seal Finish Matte  Matte  Matte  Semi Gloss  Matte 
Cover Weight 55 lb  60 lb  50 lb  60lb  40 lb 
Even Weight Rating 250 lb  300 lb  250 lb  400lb  150 lb 
Latches Glass Nylon Glass Nylon  Glass Nylon  Glass Nylon  Glass Nylon 
Latch Housing Aluminium  Injection Moulded  Aluminium  Injection Moulded  Aluminium 
Hinge Style Round  Flush  Round  Flush  No Hinges 
Rail Style Flush Fit Flush Fit Flush Fit  Flush Fit  Flush Fit 
Clamaps Included
Attachment Elevator Bolt   Elevator Bolt Elevator Bolt  Invisible  invisible 
UV Protected Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Warranty 2 Years  2 Years  2 Years  3 Years  1 Year 


Additional information

Additional information

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Toyota Hilux DOUBLE Cab Cab 2005-2015

Model Required

Bak Flip F1, Bak Flip Fibre Max, Bak Flip G2

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